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Wendy Williams advises man whose sister is travelling to Nigeria to marry a “Prince”

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Wendy Williams advises man whose sister is travelling to Nigeria to marry a “Prince” lailasnews

The man who said he feels that her sister who is now planning to travel to Nigeria to marry a ‘Prince’ has been scammed, asked if she should be held back or allowed to follow her heart.

However reacting to the question, Wendy Williams said the lady should be allowed to follow her heart, but make sure her phone is turned on all the time. Here’s the video below;

The “Nigerian princescams may be notorious, but they’re actually looked down upon by real Nigerian scammers: In fact, these days, Nigerian prince emails are usually sent by the lowest grade of Yahoo boys and they rarely find people who fall for it.

In December 2017, Police in Slidell, Louisiana, said they finally caught up with one of the people behind some of those emails. He’s not exactly Nigerian royalty, either, police wrote in a Facebook post.

Michael Neu, 67, of Slidell, Louisiana, was arraigned on 269 counts of wire fraud and money laundering following an 18-month investigation, police wrote. They disclosed that Neu took part in hundreds of financial transactions, involving phone and online scams to con money from people across the United States.

In these scams, the supposed Nigerian prince (or other official) asks for the person’s personal banking information in order to speed the transfer of the purported inheritance or temporarily hold the allegedly pilfered funds. The information can then be used to withdraw funds from the victim’s accounts.

While Neu might lack a royal title, at least some of the money obtained in his scams did go to co-conspirators in Nigeria, police wrote. Investigators are continuing to untangle Neu’s web of scams, but many other leads also connect to people outside the U.S., the post read.
April 17, 2018 at 12:25AM

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