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#BBNaija: I judged you before, I won’t anymore – Khloe roots Cee-C

#BBNaija I judged you before, I won’t anymore - Khloe roots Cee-C lailasnews

If you recollect, it was recently reported in the news that the housemate (Cee-C) had a very tough and seemingly rough upbringing, which could have been the reason for her attitudes in the house, which a lot of people find offensive.

Khloe, who just might have seen the news, moments ago, took to her page to write a heartfelt letter to her stating that she’s a strong woman and anyone who thinks they’re without sin, be the first to cast a stone…

Khloe wrote;

I always say dis to you girl. You only know yourself,
No1 does .. mirror mirror on the wall spot my flaws and I ll embrace them,not to continue but to be a better person. Told you wen in doubt, talk to your self via mirror( I do dis always) and you listen.
No such thing as a life that’s better than yours. I dint know your heart was that pure and fragile. I have judged you but not anymore.

A lot been asking why trolls don’t get to me it’s because i already insult myself before u do so it’s irrelevant to listen to others wen I know myself, that’s what you doing too B .you are strong , wise and intelligent . Cee-C met herself ….. HAVE YOU MET YOURSELF????????? Let he who’s without sin be the 1st to type any negativity comment here and let My God judge your case) @ceec_official let’s get it ???

Remember while Khloe was in the house, before she got evicted, she was quite close with Cee-C, but at a point the duo began to misunderstand each other and Khloe could be seen telling Alex on a particular day that what Cee-C doesn’t realise is that if she didn’t talk to her, no one was ready to do son in the house.
April 22, 2018 at 11:27AM

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