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Nokia 3310 Vs New Nokia 3310: What’s The Change After 17 Years

Nokia has released the Nokia 3310 at Mobile World Congress 2017. Hold on, what?

Indeed, that’s right, the Nokia 3310 has returned from the dead, 17 years after. The famous phone that was originally released in 2000 has now been renewed.

As Nokia not too long ago launched Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 Android smart devices, the only device that people are speaking of is this vintage wonder, the Nokia 3310.

But how does the new 3310 compare with the old?

Nokia 3310 versus 3310: Design and build

2000: 113 x 48 x 22mm, 133g

2017: 115.6 x 51 x 12.8 mm, 79.6 g.

Slim is definitely in as the 3310 has slimmed down. Nearly half the weight and thickness, but a little bit taller and wider.

But it’s not only about the weight: the improved Nokia 3310 isn’t the chunky monkey that the original old version got.

The Nokia 3310 is still plastic, but it’s now sleek in red and yellow, or matt in blue or grey. The original was generally blue but often seen in that grey colour as well.

The 2017 Nokia 3310 comes with a removable back cover, so you can remove it, to have access to the battery.

Nokia 3310 vs 3310: Display screen.

2000: 1.5-inch, 84 x 48 pixels, 65ppi, monochrome LCD.

2017: 2.4-inch, 240 x 320 pixels, 167ppi, colour LCD.

The old Nokia 3310 had a glorious 1.5-inch display screen that was monochrome. It was virtually enough to read text messages, make out the digits you tapped in order to play Snake. It was flat, providing great contrast, easy and to the point.

The new Nokia 3310 has a big (by comparison) display screen at 2.4-inches, extending over the top half of the device and curving away to the top. It’s also now brilliantly coloured, so the experience is fairly different.

The latest Nokia 3310 is more like feature phones of the mid-2000s, instead of the pure monochrome glory of the old one.

Nokia 3310 vs 3310: Connection.

2000: Dual band GSM 900/1800MHz.

2017: Dual band GSM 900/1800MHz, Micro-USB, Bluetooth, 3.5 mm jack, microSD, FM radio.

In 2000 there were few connectivities. On the base of the device was the DC input to charge the phone, however, there was no Bluetooth, absolutely no Wi-Fi, no nothing.

Luckily, the new Nokia 3310 has shifted with the times a bit more. There’s Bluetooth to link to a headset or even your car, there’s Micro-USB for charging – so no need for that big charger.

The option for microSD to increase the storage space, 3.5 mm headphone socket to play music or the FM radio.

None of the two cell phones offers 3G though, this is purely 2G all the way, so it’s a mobile phone for talking and texting.

Nokia 3310 versus 3310: Camera.

2000: Why would you want a camera on a phone?

2017: 2-megapixel with LED flash.

In 2000 the thought of having a camera on a phone was slightly unusual. Why would you want one? There were no social media networks, the selfie didn’t exist and also you ‘d never have been able to publish it anyway.

In 2017, most mobile phones are judged by their cameras. It’s the main feature for many, taking the place of the cheap compact camera division with socials media killing the idea of printing photos and making up albums.

The latest 3310 has a 2MP camera, but we believe the experience is not going to worth it. Stay on your smartphone.

Nokia 3310 vs 3310: Battery.

2000: 900mAh removable battery, 55 hrs standby, 2.5 hrs talk time.

2017: 1200mAh removable battery, 31 days standby time, 22 hrs talk time.

The important thing that the old original 3310 was welled known for is battery life. In those days, obviously, you weren’t playing 3D games, snapping Instagram selfies, as well as playing mp3 music.
You just got the regular text message from a friend or placed a few phone call to arrange a beer parlour get-together. But the battery didn’t last for life, it just lasted days.

The brand-new Nokia 3310 battery will almost last forever. With 31 days of standby, you’ll hardly drain this battery.

This is a cell phone you can probably disappear with for a full week and not need to think about the charger.

Nokia 3310 vs 3310: Cost.

2000: N28,000.

2017: N15,000.

Mobile phones used to be a lot more costly. The Nokia 3310 was just one of the more affordable at N28,000 at that time and SIM cards for 25,000 and for many it was the first cellphone they had, bringing freedom of communication far away from Nitel landlines.

In 2017 you get a lot of smartphone for N28,000 You can get a full-featured entry-level smart device for that money, so it’s not a surprise that the new 3310 is just N15,000.

The old Nokia 3310 is not offered anywhere in Nigeria if you know any shop still selling the old 3310 please let us know. The new design will be highly available by April in Nigeria.

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